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Computers range vastly from laptops and PDA's, to Data Viewers, Server systems, and Desktop PC's.

Although Zennon Interactive specializes in building and distributing Desktop PC's and Laptops, we also have an entire crew dedicated to Servers, PDA's, Smartphones and the like.


Prices for a base model desktop PC starts at around AU $395, and consists of only the Desktop box (no monitor, mouse or keyboard) and are fully customizable to the buyers preferences.

Prices for a base model Laptop PC netbook starts at around $495. These models are Zennon Certified and generally MSI Brand.


Whether you're after a hardcore gaming system to play the latest in demanding game titles, a laptop for portability and convenience, or just a cheap desktop for web browsing and word processing, Zennon is here to make your choices cheaper, easier and above all, suited to the needs of yourself and your back pocket.

The need for a faster, more powerful system, as well as peripherals such as Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, Speaker and Graphics Tablets, warrants a higher cost, but regardless of what most retailers would have you believe, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars for a brand new pc.

All builds are of course naturally brand new parts, sourced from a variety of suppliers in Australia only. This means that all parts are readily available for replacement, and cuts down on long waits for importing foreign hardware and software.

We choose only the best in hardware, and never sacrifice quality for profit. 95% of your investment goes straight back to you with the system you purchase, and we use the rest to make a small profit, which is reinvested in wages, new technology, and making the service better for our clients.